The Top 5 VR Headsets You Need to Check Out in 2022

The trend of virtual reality headsets just keeps getting bigger, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The Top 5 VR Headsets You Need to Check Out in 2022

The trend of virtual reality headsets just keeps getting bigger, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon. In fact, many experts predict that by 2022, about 85% of households will own at least one virtual reality headset.

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If you’ve been eyeing the latest in VR technology but have been hesitant to buy into this still relatively new trend, this article will help you decide which headset to invest in and which features to look out for. Check out our top 5 virtual reality headsets below!

1) Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2 is the newest VR headset coming out, and it's set to release in 2020. It has an all-new design with a more comfortable face fit and improved audio, which are two things that make VR headsets a bit of a challenge for many people. The Oculus Quest 2 also has six degrees of freedom (6DOF), meaning you can move around by walking, jumping, crouching or anything else you might want to do.

So what does this mean for your gaming experience? It means that games will be more immersive than ever because you'll be able to walk around them instead of just sitting there. A company called Kokoromi created a game called Fantastic Contraption that simulates building machines to complete tasks - but when players put on the Oculus Quest 2 and start moving their bodies around they notice how much better they feel. One tester said: I never felt so much engaged as when I was actually physically building something. Keep an eye out for this one!

2) HTC Vive Cosmos Elite

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite is the newest and most advanced VR headset on the market. The Vive Cosmos Elite features a sleek, stylish design and three adjustable straps for a comfortable, personalized fit. It also features an improved display panel with 85% more pixels than HTC's original Vive headset, wider field of view, and it is less expensive than other high-end VR headsets on the market.

In addition to its impressive specifications, the Vive Cosmos Elite has built-in headphones that provide 360° spatial sound for fully immersive gaming experiences. With so many advantages, you'll want to check out HTC Vive Cosmos Elite when shopping for your next VR headset!

3) Sony PlayStation VR

Sony released the PlayStation VR headset back in 2016, and it's still one of the best out there. The PlayStation VR headset is a great option for those who already have a PlayStation console and don't want to shell out more money on another expensive device.

This headset has 1080p resolution and offers a 120-degree field of view that makes you feel like you're right inside the video game. Plus, it's easy to set up - just plug into your console and get started! Sony has also announced that they will release new titles this year, so this is definitely an option to consider if you're looking for an affordable VR headset.

4) Samsung Odyssey

If you are looking for a VR headset that is both powerful and affordable, the Samsung Odyssey will be your best bet. This headset offers great visuals, a wide field of view, and accurate hand controls. While this may not be the cheapest option on the market, it is certainly worth its price tag. The Odyssey also has built-in audio with spatial sound for an immersive experience unlike any other.

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If you would rather spend less money upfront and invest more later, this may not be your best bet. However, if you are looking for quality without breaking the bank then this should definitely be your number one choice. Plus, there are a lot of features included with this headset that other companies don’t offer. For example, the display includes anti-fog coating so you won’t have to worry about constantly wiping down the lenses or trying to avoid getting fogged up when taking them off.

5) Google Daydream View

Google Daydream View is a virtual reality headset that is easy to use and comfortable. It's one of the best VR headsets on the market, but it also comes at a high price ($99). That's why this may not be the best option for most people. The good news is that you can use your phone with the Google Daydream View, so if you already have a compatible device then this might be a better option for you. If you're looking for an affordable VR headset with excellent features, then we recommend trying out the Samsung Gear VR.