The e-Ink Experience: Why I Browse and Choose Tablet for Web

There are more ways than ever to browse the web, whether you’re using your phone, computer, or television. But there’s one way you might not have considered yet: your tablet.

The e-Ink Experience: Why I Browse and Choose Tablet for Web

There are more ways than ever to browse the web, whether you’re using your phone, computer, or television. But there’s one way you might not have considered yet: your tablet. These devices make it easy to browse the web without straining your eyes or consuming too much energy, even when you’re far from an outlet or sitting outside in direct sunlight.

If you haven’t tried using your tablet for web browsing before, I recommend giving it a shot! Here are some of my favorite reasons to do so—and why I think you might like it, too.

The E-Ink Advantage

E-Inks cool operating temperature leads to a more comfortable reading experience because they emit very little heat. The tablet is also readable in direct sunlight due to its black and white display with no screen glare. This can be advantageous for outdoor web browsing.

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E-ink technology is much easier on the eyes than LCDs, so I find that long sessions are less strenuous than when I use my computer or smartphone. Lastly, one of my favorite features about this tablet for web browsing is that it doesn't need to stay plugged in because it lasts up to three weeks off of one charge!

E-Ink Is Easy on the Eyes

I've never been one to enjoy browsing the web on my laptop. The small screen, lack of backlighting and eye strain made reading text difficult, especially when trying to read text in columns. Although I always knew there had to be a better way, it wasn't until I was handed an e-ink tablet for web browsing that everything changed for me.

After trying out my new device for a few days, it became apparent that browsing with it was not only easier but more enjoyable too. With its natural lighting and large viewing area, my eyes felt less strained and didn't get as tired at the end of each day like they do when using other devices. Even reading texts with columns or tables is easy - much more so than with my laptop or smartphone!

E-Ink Tables Are Highly Customizable

I've been spending the past few days getting to know my new e-ink tablet for web browsing. It's a perfect device for taking notes, reading novels, and surfing through your favorite blogs. And if you're looking for an intuitive interface that's easy on your eyes, you can't beat this sleek product.

1) The tablet is about half as thin as an iPad, but packs twice as much power under the hood;

2) It uses a superior form of ink called E Ink that never needs charging or turning off;

3) If it sounds like this will make reading in bed or outside uncomfortable--you're wrong.

E-Ink Tablets Offer Great Battery Life

If you have ever tried to use an tablet for web browsing, you know just how quickly your battery will deplete. No matter what kind of power settings you have for your device, browsing the web is one of those tasks that constantly chews up your battery power. One way around this problem is to find an tablet for web browsing which uses e ink.

These devices offer great battery life and are still able to provide many other features like streaming video or creating documents on the go. It can be a bit daunting at first but once you get used to it, they offer you some benefits not found in traditional tablets.

E-Ink Tablets Are Light and Portable

I’ve been using my tablet for web browsing for about a week now and it has been so much more pleasant than staring at my laptop screen all day. The battery lasts long enough to get through a full day of work, and it doesn’t heat up like my laptop does.

Plus, it is easier to read when you want to do some reading after work without that eye strain that comes from looking at your laptop screen. And with built-in WiFi, I can easily browse the web in bed or from anywhere else in my apartment without having to use an additional piece of technology.

E-Ink Tablets Have Limited Storage Capacity

One of the major limitations with most tablets is that they have limited storage capacity. While this might not be as much of an issue for people who are looking for tablets to use for reading or creating content, it can be an issue if you plan on using your tablet for web browsing.

E-ink tablets, such as Kindle and Inkbook Tablet, do not suffer from this limitation due to their design and technology. Because these devices are primarily made out of e-ink panels that don't require any power to maintain what's already shown on them, they provide a similar experience to reading a book--but with much more functionality than just reading.

E-Ink Tablets Don't Work Well in Direct Sunlight

One of the many benefits of an e-ink tablet is that you can use it in direct sunlight. A lot of tablets are difficult to see outdoors, especially when it's sunny out. E-ink is easy to read in direct sunlight and you can even lay your hand over one section at a time if you're using both hands.

The only con to using an e-ink tablet for web browsing is that there are apps specifically made for iPads or other tablets and not available on the Kindle or Nook Tablet. If those apps come out for those platforms, then there would be no negatives about using an e-ink tablet for web browsing!

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E-Ink Tablets Are More Expensive Than Traditional Tablets

Tablets are made for entertainment, be it reading, listening to music, or watching videos. But, tablets also have other purposes. Recently I bought an e-ink tablet for web browsing because there is less strain when you read from it and you can use your finger to turn the page. Tablets are also more lightweight and portable than laptops so they're easier to carry around in my purse. The problem is that these tablets are more expensive than traditional tablets which might deter some buyers but not me! What price would someone have to pay to keep their eyesight?